dSLR world sales

Interestingly, not many figures are available to identify which brand and which dSLR models are selling really well. BCN ranking magazine is giving us an evaluation of 1st half of 2008. This is all the more important to share:

Camera brand Market share
Nikon 40.7%
Canon 40.6%
Sony 8.6%
Olympus 5.3%
Pentax 4.4%

Clearly, Sony went in a very strong position (they say that they are now at 13%, but this is not corroborated yet). And, you can notice the names of those who did not make it in the list: Sigma, Fuji, Leica, etc.

Additionally, there is a list of actual camera models:

Camera model Market share
Canon 450D/XSi 14.5%
Canon 400D/XTi 14.4%
Nikon D80 13.1%
Canon 40D 9.9%
Nikon D40 9.2%
Nikon D60 9.1%
Nikon D300 4.4%
Sony Alpha 350 4.1%
Nikon D40x 3.8%
Sony Alpha 200 2.8%