Vaggelis Fragiadakis

Black and White portraits are sometimes seen (erroneously) as a simple and relatively easy technique. In actuality, there is nothing simple, but it may come from so many photographers repeating a single approach borrowed from classical studios like studio Harcourt (which I admire, mind you). Out of the studio, there are plenty of superb pictures, but life may be lacking. So, when you cross the eyes of Vaggelis Fragiadakis, you can only be marked by his attention to the skin structure, surfaces quality, light contents. But this is not all. Vaggelis Fragiadakis is also a photographer who communicates with his models. His portraits are exsuding joy and the pleasure of taking a picture or of being in a picture.

The glass is half full - Copyright (C) Vaggelis Fragiadakis

The glass is half full - Copyright (C) Vaggelis Fragiadakis

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  1. May 28, 2009 at 4:34 pm

    Vaggelis’ work is a wondrous source of inspiration…the beauty he captures in scenes from everyday life is simply breathtaking.
    A phenomenal photographer by anyones standards.

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