Mise à jour logicielle Sony A33 & A55

Sony Alpha 33
Sony Alpha 33

Sony is also announcing that some of the new features of the Sony Alpha 35 will be made available for the older Sony Alpha 33 and Sony Alpha 55.

  • Support for the ‘Picture Effect’ function featured on the new α35
  • High-Speed Synch is supported during wireless operation with a compatible external flash (α55 only)
  • Revised menus and a new mode that lets users switch shooting parameters overlaid on-screen for clear, uncluttered composition
  • The a33 and a55camera’s Digital Level Gauge can also be displayed when shooting via the optional CLM-V55 external LCD monitor
  • Frequently used features can now be custom-assigned to the D-RANGE button for rapid, menu-free access

A télécharger dès le 20 juin sur http://www.esupport.sony.com.



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