Canon EOS 7D, il est là

Et finalement, le voilà ! Le Canon nouveau est arrivé. Certains attendaient le Canon EOS 60D, mais c’est bel et bien un Canon EOS 7D que voici. Mais lisez encore…

Pratiquement comme prévu, ses caractéristiques sont là :

  • Capteur 18 MP en format APS-C
  • double processeur DIGIC 4
  • Conversion analogique-digitale à 14 bits
  • Rafales à 8 images/s
  • Sensibilité : 100 – 6400 ISO (ext. 12800 ISO)
  • Autofocus amélioré à 19 zones
  • Écran LCD de 3″ à 920,000 pixels
  • Viseur de 100% de couverture et à grandissement x1.0 (22 mm eye point) à travers un penta-prisme
  • 7 styles d’image
  • Niveau d’horizontalité
  • Enregistrement vidéo HD (1920 x 1080 @ 24/25/30 i/s + 640 x 480 @ 50/60 i/s) & son stéréo
  • Châssis en alliage de magnésium
  • Boîtier tropicalisé
  • Obturateur prévu pour 150,000 déclenchements

Même l’annonce de presse fait référence au Canon EOS 50D, ce qui en fait plus un successeur du Canon EOS 50D (APS-C expert) qu’un petit frère du Canon EOS 5D ou 5D MkII (Full Frame semi-pro).

Et le prix sera le bon : 1699$, à partir de septembre 2009 (soit tout de suite).

La première présentation que j’ai lue (merci Bernd) nous vient de Rob Galbraith, mais DPreview le suit de près.

Vous pouvez confirmer la disponibilité du Canon EOS 7D auprès des sites suivants recommandés :

Press Release Canon

London, UK, 1 September 2009: Canon today unveils the EOS 7D digital SLR camera – a completely new design to meet the specific demands of photographers. Incorporating a new 18MP APS-C CMOS Sensor, developed by Canon, the EOS 7D also features: Dual “DIGIC 4” processors to offer fast, high-quality performance in all light conditions, an ISO range expandable to 12,800 and continuous shooting at 8 frames per second – without the need for additional accessories. Impressive technologies are matched by excellent build-quality designed with the photographer in mind – to create a whole new photographic experience.

During extensive development Canon went back to the drawing board, listening to photographers worldwide in order to design the EOS 7D to meet their specific needs. Commenting on the creation of the EOS 7D, Mr. Shinbori, Deputy Group Executive of Photo Products Group & Senior General Manager of Camera Development Center, Canon Inc,said “We consulted over 5,000 photographers worldwide and asked them what they most wanted to see from a camera. Matching this insight with cutting-edge technology, we were able to develop a camera that truly gives photographers the versatile tool they require to experiment with their images.”

Accurate Images – High performance AF and metering systems
The EOS 7D features a 19-point cross-type AF sensor, enabling photographers to achieve accurate shots and optimise composition options. This improved AF system offers a range of manual and automatic settings including Zone and Spot AF to track and capture subjects quickly and accurately. AF settings are highly customisable, allowing for rapid reaction to changes in the scene. Different AF points can be set for vertical or horizontal orientation, so photographers can automatically switch between landscape and portrait shots without touching a button.

The EOS 7D also incorporates a new metering system. The Focus Colour Luminance metering system (iFCL) intelligently measures focus, colour and luminance, across 63 zones. Complementing the 19 AF points, the dual layer sensor is able to gather information from each distinct zone to obtain a more accurate and consistent exposure.

Capture images exactly as you see them
The Canon EOS 7D features an Intelligent Viewfinder that offers photographers 100 per cent frame coverage. With 1.0x magnification* – a first for EOS – photographers see a large bright image that helps to fully immerse them within the shot. A transmissive LCD incorporated in the viewfinder allows photographers to choose between various overlay features – such as AF points, the spot metering circle and composition grid – providing a range of tools that help when framing a shot. The EOS 7D is also the first EOS to introduce a Dual-Axis Electronic Level – in the viewfinder and on the LCD – that indicates both pitch and roll angles. This feature is particularly useful when shooting landscapes to ensure a level horizon, or when used in conjunction with a Tilt and Shift lens to level the camera.

The camera features a new 3 inch Clear View II LCD screen with a solid structure screen, designed to combat glare by removing the air-gap between the LCD’s protective cover and the liquid crystal. This new screen has a viewing angle of 160 degrees and is effective even in bright light. As with the EOS 5D Mark II, an ambient light sensor on the side of the screen can set brightness automatically depending on the environment.

Experiment creatively with light
The Canon EOS 7D is equipped with an Integrated Speedlite Transmitter. For the first time in an EOS, photographers can control external Speedlites with no additional accessories – ideal for those looking to experiment with creative lighting set-ups. The EOS 7D also features an extensively upgraded, built-in flash including manual control, and wider flash coverage to cover focal lengths as wide as 15mm.

Customise your individual camera experience
The EOS 7D has been conceived and designed with the photographer’s needs in mind. The look and feel of the camera has been aesthetically and ergonomically crafted to offer photographers the very best interaction. To this end, the photographer can design their own experience – camera operations are customisable, allowing the user to assign frequently used functions and settings to convenient controls. This enables photographers to save time when shooting critical moments, by changing settings quickly.

Nota bene: la traduction (très) approximative d’une annonce de presse chinoise avait été publiée par CR.

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