Photokina opens on 28th September

The Photokina fair in Koln, Germany, will open on September 28th.

It is widely expected that it will be the unique event where many major brands (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax, Samsung) will disclose their best digital cameras. Since I am mostly interested in the Digital SLR market, I will report primarily about them and we can epxect a lot of important news there:

  • Canon should present the replacement for the Canon EOS 5D (Full Frame SLR) with a probable resolution of 21 MP
  • Nikon could be presenting an additional Full Frame SLR (either a lower cost version of the Nikon D700 or -less probable- a replacement for the Nikon D3)
  • Sony is expected to present its flagship: A Full Frame 24-MP SLR which should appear under the name of Sony Alpha 900, but could have a brother to complement it. Possibly the same camera with a smaller digital sensor.

Nota: French version.