Nikon D500, following D300

Some rumours are less reliable than others. Here, this is the announcement of a Nikon D500 by No identified source, but the mere reference to a marketing move to solve issues found in the video of the Nikon D90.

Neverhteless, it would be a real successor to the Nikon D300 to be expected in the 1st quarter of 2009.

  • 15.5 megapixels (may be not from Sony)
  • 1,5 crop factor
  • LiveView
  • Body weather-seling
  • Integrated flash
  • 24 fps video mode, with full manual control over the exposure

We could easily recognize an honorable follower for the Nikon D300 with all ace cards to extend the winning trajectory of one of the best available dSLR (maybe the best).