Friday advice: Print a large poster

This is a great advice I found on Photodoto: “Print something. Print it BIG.” And I like this advice. As John Watson explains, photography is somewhat a technique where you can improve your results by doing it over and over. This is so true.

So, try now to do large prints. You’ll start thinking about your work. You’ll start seeing things differently. You’ll start to notice that your photo work improves itself by this exercice of printing. Don’t limit yourself to A4/Letter-size. Go full poster-size with a print shop or borrow an A3 printer from a friend or a photo club.

Start by evaluating the image sizes using the Megapixels Chart from D40 Photog, and learn how to crop large prints.

Then, print your best image. Hang it to a wall. Step back and look at it.

First, you’ll be pleased.
Second, people around you will be pleased, too.
Third, you’ll find a few little things to improve and you will already be a better photographer.