Photoshop brushes for The GIMP

For all of us who would hesitate to use GIMP because of the stock of brushes they collected and use with Photoshop, I like to remind that GIMP supports the Photoshop brushes (in ABR brush file format) from version 2.4. This is limiting the risks and issues to the strict minimum.

GIMP has a default of 48 brushes; It is also possible to create and download new ones. Even better, the compatibility of GIMP with Photoshop brushes allows to install ABR format brushes which is very common on the Web. These brushes are then usable with all tools: pencil, rubber, aerograph, clone, perspective/3D clone and correction.

To be noticed too:

  • AbrViewer is a small Windows program that does not need to be install and allows to export .ABR file to .PNG format (for easier viewing).
  • Gimp Batch Brush Converter Script can be used to convert a Photoshop brush into a GIMP brush for those of you who may still have transfer or compatibility issues.