New rumours: Nikon D400 & Nikon D750

DigitalRev shows the latest news in terms of rumours about the future SLR cameras from Nikon (to be named, Nikon D400 and Nikon D750). You’d expect more transparency: They gorgeously present them as if they were real products, while it’s only nice colours and pictures for the basest rumours of the moment (the name of the Nikon D750 is even less sure than the Nikon D400).

nikon-d400-specs nikon-d750-specs

Curiosité : on nous dit que, comme le Nikon D5000, le Nikon D750 aurait un écran LCD articulé.

Nikon D750

Nikon D750

Reminder: These are really rumours and graphic reconstructions of what these cameras could be. If they exist in the future.