Canon predictions

Canon is rather discreet in these times. But 2009 will not end without several important news. What can we expect? Two reflex cameras are about to arrive.

  • A successor to the 50D, the Canon EOS 60D, probably at the end of the year (will it be ready for Christmas? I doubt it). Again, it will only be a small evolution of existing products but not the technological evolution that the Canon enthusiasts keep dreaming about. A new battery, 15+MP, 7 fps, 1080p video, SD memory cards (no longer CF).
  • As always, Canon is preparing its best and most shocking news for higher up in the camera range. Even without rushing to another Full Frame camera, the successor to the 1D should arrive to bring ground-breaking progress in the field of light sensitivity (in private, it has been nick-named “The lord of darkness“). Still in APS-H size, it would have two Digic V processors, 16+MP, perfectly usable 6400 ISO (maybe more), 19-zone AF, video, LiveView, all-weather protection, 100% viewfinder, more than 3 inches of LCD screen (maybe 3.2”). Clearly, this will be the best technology Canon has, but the price will be definitely pro.

After that, a Canon EOS 2000D could arrive in Fall with a tilt-and-swivel LCD screen. But nothing more in terms of informations/specs.