Zoomable hi-rez photos for your web site

If you shoot high resolution digital photos, it is nearly impossible to present them to the visitors of your web site in a manageable way: Who would want to download a multi-megabyte file to be forced in using an external application software to watch the details.

Closr solves this conundrum by providing you a way to upload your image to their web site. In return, you get a ready-to-install widget for your web site and all your friends will be able to zoom in or zoom out their hearts out.

Test the service with this panorama image I shot in the Masai Mara National Park in Southern Kenya in October 2008. You will have no difficulty finding the gnus (wildebeests) assembling themselves in a huge collection in preparation of the Great Migration crossing of the Mara river.

Link to Closr

By the way: The Closr web site does not currently work with Opera v10, but Firefox is OK.