Why you need an expensive camera

Despite all the positive aspects of cheap photo cameras, many a photographer will outgrow its camera possibilities. For good reasons, some day, you will need/want a more powerful photographic power horse, will you not?

Cheap cameras are cheaply built. Though the least expensive cameras are quite sturdy, it’s true that they are not as strong as the expert cameras. If you accidentally drop your beloved camera, it may make a hell of a difference.

Furthermore, there are places where you don’t want to see plastic in your camera. For example, the metal mount ring to hold the lens will sustain a lot more lens exchanges than the plastic ring only adequate to permanently hold in place a standard zoom lens you would never replace. And if you intend to attach a big tele-lens, the lens mount will be stressed by the unusual weight (even more if you do not quickly acquire the habit of holding the camera by the lens rather than by the camera body).

Additionally, more expensive photo cameras have some useful features like larger LCD screens and who doesn’t want the added comfort when viewing pictures or setting options?

If you’re not asking for comfort, the high resolution sensors come only at a high price (The cost of the sensor still is a significant part of the full camera). Don’t expect today’s best digital photo sensors on anything less than the best (and highest priced) cameras. The same is true for camera speed: You have to pay a lot for higher shooting speed (useful for sports and wildlife photo) and a lot of processing power (used in the most complex noise reduction algorithms).

And don’t stop there: Some critical features only come with the more expensive price tag. Most entry-level cameras do not have an DOF test push-button; The best quality viewfinders are only present in the high-end segment of the market.

These are important features, but your money will also buy many more gadgets (or useful features not often used, if you prefer). If you shoot a lot in the studio, in concerts, in sunset wildlife photo, you will appreciate the added flash controls, the low light capacity, the better manual or semi-automatic control over exposure or focus. They make the expensive photo camera objectively better and worth the added money.

So, you may reach a point when you will require more. At this moment the expert cameras and the pro gear is right for you. Start budgeting, then start enjoying the new benefits.






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