What’s next for Adobe?


After the recent announcements, it would be useful to look where Adobe is going now, or in the coming months. Here, it is OK to start using the bits of news becoming available.

First, of course, Lightroom v3 will soon be available (you can download the beta 2, already). DPReview obtained an interview with Tom Hogarty from Adobe which reveals some important elements about the new RAW file engine that you will find inside L3: “Adobe discusses latest Lightroom 3 Beta” tells us (with pictures) how much progress is stacked up in this beta compared to the previous versions.

Of course, as usual for Adobe, this technology will be present in the next version of Photoshop under the guise of an Adobe Camera Raw tool integrated into Photoshop CS5. But CS5 is not announced yet! You’re right, but the rumor had it that Photoshop CS5 would be presented in April. It’s now official that its launch will happen on April 12.