Sigma SD15: Too late, too expensive?

Sigma announced that the Digital SLR first presented in 2008, Sigma SD15, will become available on 25 June 2010. Up to this point, it just looked like Sigma was fighting to close the time gap. But there are plenty of comments on the web about the prices that have been associated to this announcement:

  • Europe: 1,199€ (after a previous Sigma leak had been suggesting 899€)
  • United Kingdom: £899.99

This seems quite high for what is known of the Sigma SD15 features:

  • Foveon sensor with 4.7×3 mega-pixels
  • Light metering: 77-point sensor
  • TRUE II processor
  • 3″ rear LCD display (460,000 dots)

Just a few days more to wait, but I am starting to doubt that this approach will help Sigma stay in this very competitive market with the Sigma SD15.