Panasonic camera users have more sex

In the “randomly weird” category, here is a bit of information which I would not dare classify as critically interesting.

According to OkCupid (a dating web site willing to be described as more “intelligent” than others), you can draw your own challenging conclusions by cross-checking available data from users profiles. For example, since he users can rate the photos they see, it is possible to link these ratings (and later dates) to the EXIF data present inside the picture files.

More attractive with a 4/3 Panasonic

More attractive with a 4/3 Panasonic

The SLR cameras (in blue) are improving your dating prospects, especially if they are Panasonic 4/3 cameras. A mobile phone (in red) will nearly get you dumped on the spot, if it is manufactured by Motorola.

From this, if the photo pleased the onlooker, it is easy to understand that this quickly led to “something more”… But with a title containing the word sex, and so bold an conclusion, it was impossible to risk publishing this news on April Fools day. It had to be more urgent than that.