Nikon D7000 late?

It is somewhat (and sometimes) funny to see the expectations of some people becoming their certainties with an astonishing speed. I have exactly this feeling when I hear the cries of the most recent days: The Internet is all about this “Why is the Nikon D7000 so late?”

As a matter of fact, Nikon was never very precise about the availability date for its new Nikon D7000. They murmured more than said that it would be necessary to wait until November (more or less, the D7000 must be presented at the Photokina but it needed a few more weeks of polishing at the R&D of Nikon). But some shops seems to have blown the expectations up and made firm promises they could not and cannot hold. And here they are surprised of not shipping the cameras at the “expected” date. This is most prominently the case of Amazon which just wrote to its pre-order customer to tell that they will pay 25$ for those waiting for their D7000 pre-order. The new Nikon SLR will only be available from November 15th.

Hitler finds out his Nikon D7000 is not shipping until November from nikonreviewcentral on Vimeo.

As a compensation for what seems to be a discovery only for those not listening to Nikon, here are non-official pictures to evaluate the image quality to be expected from the Nikon D7000: Nikon D7000 high-ISO samples.