Sony opens the NEX lens specification

Sony has announced officially and publicly that they are going to completely share the specifications for NEX series lenses. It will become possible for third-party lens manufacturers to create optical products for the Sony NEX hybrid mirror-less photo cameras.

Sony E-mount lenses

Here is very good news for the Sony customers. But it’s even better when we read the list of names that Sony immediately provided: Lens manufacturers having already expressed their interest in designing lenses for the E-mount:

  • Zeiss, traditional ally of Sony around the A-mount of Alpha SLR cameras.
  • Tamron, old friend of the orange house, and partner back in the Minolta times.
  • Cosina, owner of the very elitist Voigtländer brand.
  • Sigma, manufacturer of the broadest range of compatible lenses.

Assuredly, this type of talks is usually very discreet. Here, Sony decided to strike our imaginations in one big marketing blow, demonstrating their clear intent to develop the NEX range of hybrid mirror-less cameras in the best conditions for a long life. The message has been received loud and clear.