Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta

the CS6 version CS6 of Photoshop is not here yet, but it is now possible to test the official beta version (normally, the last test version before the official launch) provided that you accept to limit yourself to the English version (not to hard on you, isn’t it?).

Download it freely from Adobe Labs.

A reminder of the main new features:

  • Improved content-aware patch which is behaving in a nearly magical way;
  • Speed improvements everywhere;
  • New User Interface with a dark background;
  • A lot of newly improved tools (about everywhere).

YouTube link

Link to Online Training Library®

As always, remember that the beta version will not work any longer after the arrival of the final/official version, that it is not exempt from bugs while Adobe gives no warranty about it (all very good reasons to have backup copies of your pictures before using Adobe Photoshop CS6 beta).