Epson Pano Awards 2016

A photo contest I particularly like, the Epson Pano Award, just released its list of 2016 winners. You will find superb images,: In panoramic format (sometimes, even vertical ones), avec a clear taste for abstraction (it’s more than OK with me), and a notable attention to Architecture and Nature (no contradiction here, you’ll see).

Go and check it at to appreciate it all. And, maybe, you’ll get some inspiration for your own future shots…

18_2016_o_b_yingting-shih_tw-1100x220 17_2016_o_b_daniel-cheong_ae-1100x550 15_2016_o_b_juan-garcia-lucas_es-1100x55046_2016_o_b_daniel-cheong_ae-1100x550 16_2016_o_n_gunar-streu_se-1100x507