Our backups after the end of CrashPlan for Home

In the past, I did some recommendations about backups. Today, I insist on the criticity for the digital photographer to keep her eyes on this operation (who did not discovere with horror that some files had disappeard from the hard disk drive?). But this now becomes a central question after CrashPlan announced the end of its service designed specially for home users and amateurs. They were one of the best providers on this difficult market.

So, many photographers are wondering what to do in order to keep protecting ther images. I have a few more ideas to share with you now (usually coming from some other web sites) in light of these recent events:

  • CrashPlan itself offers their customers to move to Carbonite, another solution from (previously) competitor and whose reputation is not usurped.
  • Obviously, CrashPlan also offers to move to a professionnal and more expensive offer. I did not try but I am afraid that performance may not be there (what was acceptable at CrashPlan for Home price may become less attractive in the future).
  • ArsTechnica recommande chaudement BackBlaze (et leurs arguments semblent tout à fait sensés, même si je n’ai pas pratiqué).
  • Personally, I propose (on my other web site) to explore a more complete and more extensive solution base don a NAS server from Synology at home and a cloud hosting from Amazon Cloud Drive: Synology-based synchronization solution

I hope it will help you.
It may be a long reading.