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Darktable: From Linux/Mac to Windows

Really good news for the end of 2017: The free software Darktable arrives finally on Windows. On MacOS and on Linux, Darktable had gathered a beautiful fame and a nice following as free replacement for Lightroom. Even better: Many consider it not only as free but as highly competent at the task. Obviously, in the current context of removal of Lightroom from the list of software programs you can purchase as always at Adobe (Now, you need to pay a monthly or yearly license for the right to keep using your image library with Lightroom – It started with Photoshop, but Adobe show such a huge increase of its profits that they extended the idea to Lightroom despite previous denials…).

With Darktable, like with Lightroom, you can organize, store, visualize. But you also can modify/edit your photo pictures (in RAW as in JPEG), including in a non-destructive way.

It’s worth trying by yourself (with this kind of price, there is no downside).

It’s been years that I was tracking this product with great care. Here is the best photo news of 2017 (it will compensate the worst one from Adobe Lightroom).


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