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Photokina 2010: Where Canon goes?

Even for Canon, next September will see the Photokina show in Koln (Germany). It is often the occasion when brands of photo manufacturers launch the photo cameras they expect will be doing the big sales of the end of the year (a period that is really good for the amateur photography market). This year should…

Canon EOS 500D, from the source

Interview of Mike Owen, Canon Product Manager, taken from PhotoAnswers. He explains ut why this small photo camera, looking a lot like the Canon EOS 450D, is very important. For sure, if you want a good prix-performance for your SLR photo camera, you must check this Canon EOS 500D. BrightCove link

Download Canon EOS 500D manual

Download a Canon EOS 500D user/instructions manual (from Canon Europe) Download a Canon EOS 500D user/instructions manual (from YLovePhoto) Books about the Canon EOS 500D ( Téléchargez un manuel du Canon EOS 500D (depuis Canon Europe) Téléchargez un manuel du Canon EOS 500D (depuis YLovePhoto) The Canon EOS 500D (aka Canon Rebel T1i) owner’s manual…

Canon Rebel T1i

It is under the name of Canon Rebel T1i that will be known the new Canon EOS 500D in the United States of America (perpetuating the age-old Canon tradition of giving a different name to SLR cameras depending on the continent where it is sold).

Canon EOS 500D initial feature set

According to Canon Rumours, already in 2008, the Canon EOS 500D should replace the current Canon EOS 450D with the following main specs/features: 15.1 MP sensor 3″ VGA LCD Continuous shooting: 3.5 fps Sensitivity: 100-3200 ISO 9 point AF Memory slot: SD Card Liveview (with contrast AF) HDMI Out Movie Mode, possibly with some AF

Cameras delayed for fear of recession

Crisis, recession, deflation, financial crush, layoffs are all words that we hear about on a daily basis. Whatever you feel/think about them, there is a reality: the consumers are buying less. This is as true for photo hardware and software as for the other markets (maybe it’s worse for cars…) Now, this has a clear…