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  • Nikon D3100 User Manual

    As always helping the user, YLovePhoto found direct links to freely download the user manuals for the Nikon D3100. Nikon D3100 User’s Manual – English – File Size: ~ 15.8 MB Nikon D3100 Manual de Usuario – Spanish – File Size: ~ 16.1 MB Manuel d’utilisation du reflex Nikon D3100 – Français ~6,52 Mo

  • Nikon got red clothes

    Nikon just announced that the Nikon D3100 will receive new red clothes. The D3100 is an entry-level SLR photo camera which appears as the most well sold on many markets of the world. It will certainly take advantage of this new red option to extend its market share and to reach some new customers. It…

  • Instant rebate on Nikon lenses at B&H

    Instant rebate on Nikon lenses at B&H

    70-300mm VR Lens & 18-55mm Bundled with the D-5000 ($250 Instant Rebate) 18-200mm VR Bundled with the D-90 ($300 Instant Rebate) 24-70 f/2.8G ED mm & 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II Bundled with D-300S or D-700 ($700 Instant Rebate) This offer ends 11/20/2010: Hurry up! And all the other rebates at B&H.

  • Nikon D3100 – Video and fast AF

    Nikon D3100 – Video and fast AF

    If you really understand and perceive how fast and accurate is the autofocus of the Nikon D3100, just have a look at these sample videos. YouTube link YouTube link

  • Nikon D3100 video

    YouTube link

  • Nikon D3100

    Nikon disclosed its new DSLR (that we will be able to see at the Photokina show in Köln, Germany at the end of September): Nikon D3100. As expected from the recent weeks of rumours, it brings at the entry-level the following features: 1080p HD video capture, with Full AF mode during recording (through contrast detection),…

  • Nikon D4000 or Nikon D3100 ?

    Surprise at NR! They tell us that the upcoming release of the entry-level SLR photo camera could come with a radical name policy change from Nikon: Instead of being named Nikon D4000 as previously announced, it would be a Nikon D3100. Furthermore, everybody now seems convinced that Nikon is going to get a continuous AF…