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Nikon D3200 videos

You wanted to see the new Nikon D3200 on your own photo-related TV channel. YLovePhoto answers to this dream with a few videos collected around the web for you. YouTube link YouTube link NAB 2012: Nikon D3200 Announcement and Alphatron EVF with Retina Display from FreshDV on Vimeo. YouTube link YouTube link YouTube link YouTube…

Nikon D3100 User Manual

As always helping the user, YLovePhoto found direct links to freely download the user manuals for the Nikon D3100. Nikon D3100 User’s Manual – English – File Size: ~ 15.8 MB Nikon D3100 Manual de Usuario – Spanish – File Size: ~ 16.1 MB Manuel d’utilisation du reflex Nikon D3100 – Français ~6,52 Mo

Alpha 77 & Alpha 65 – Firmware v1.05 released

Sony has just published a new updated firmware for its α77 and α65 SLT cameras. This version 1.05 adds the following important features: Improved response times (no more “processing” message while waiting for display of pictures, faster power-off, faster dial response times) Shading and aberration compensation now available on the following lenses: SAL-24F20Z (Carl Zeiss)…

Photographic drawings

For the antiques-loving photographers and those admiring engraving and drawing, I recommend the near-engravings of Sarah Esteje who only used a cheap ball pen for the following pictures: Her other drawings are also worth a visit, and not only because of the quasi-photographic qualities.

Olympus OM

7 Olympus officials arrested

Olympus has officially acknowledged the arrest of seven top officials suspected of breaching Japanese financial regulations. This appears to be part of the international investigation into the gargantuan accounting cover-up of these last years. Let’s hope for the photo business that this will not shake the company down while it is trying to bring interesting…

Ricoh & Pentax: 1 + 1 = 1

Everybody was expecting some changes after Ricoh purchased Pentax. As a matter of fact, Ricoh just announced that all their photography-related activities would be grouped under a single banner and inside a single common subsidiary, Pentax Ricoh Imaging Company which will take charge of all the developments. This should reinforce the role of Pentax, but…

Olympus OM-D

Olympus has finally announced this very weird camera now known as the Olympus OM-D. Don’t let the photo mislead you, this is not a good old APS-C digital SLR camera. On the contrary, this is a surprising little camera taking its inspiration from many books and many different worlds. The Olympus OM-D goes back to…

Nikon D800 videos

Collected from everywhere… YouTube link YouTube link Official promotional video, with feature list: YouTube link Movie modes: YouTube link YouTube link Nikon D800 In the Studio with Rob Van Petten from Rob Van Petten on Vimeo. Joy Ride from Sandro on Vimeo. Joy Ride – Behind the Scenes from Sandro on Vimeo.