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  • No battery in checked luggage anymore?

    No battery in checked luggage anymore?

    The most recent idea of air transport: Worried about the risk induced by a battery when it is heated or if it short-circuit itself out of nothing more than thin air, some airline companies (e.g. Air India) had already imposed a rule prohibiting all batteries from checked luggage (you had to put them in cabin…

  • Pre-flight checklist for photographers

    Pre-flight checklist for photographers

    Travelling for photography is an activity loaded with stresses and constraints of all kinds. Much more so than if you merely go and shoot street photography downtown. All the more if this includes at least one flight to destination. Pros and those who did suffer a lot from these situations collected enough experience to build…

  • Paris – Saigon, an hyperlapse trip

    Paris – Saigon, an hyperlapse trip

    Two cities in completely different worlds. But they were shot by two photographers-videographers-hyperlapsers. To watch just for the pleasure of it. Paris: Bonjour Paris | A Hyper-Lapse Film – In 4K from Tyler Fairbank on Vimeo. Saigon:

  • Vincent Munier fears no snow

    Vincent Munier fears no snow

    Wildlife photographer Vincent Munier short documentary film, titled “Arctique” is a way to discover how his great pictures are taken, inorder to display the great beauty of the arctic.

  • Photograph Northern Lights

    Photograph Northern Lights

    It appears that 2015 and 2016 are the stage for maximum solar activity leading to a peak in number and intensity of polar auroras, these marvellous light exhibits that Nature displays in the night sky under high latitudes. If you travel to Canada, Scandinavia or Russia this Winter (long nights!), you may be tempted to…

  • Best tips to shoot in Winter

    Best tips to shoot in Winter

    Cold weather is coming back real quick now, but this is no reason to stop shooting photos. I’d rather go under the hot sun of Africa, but Winter lights and the low light of high latitudes (Arctic, Antarctica or even Scandinavia) allow so lovely pictures that I would prefer taking some more photos. But cold…

  • Iceberg – Upside down

    Iceberg – Upside down

    Some photos are somewhat more difficult to biuld than others. Alex Cornell succeeded in combining all that is needed: An unusual subject: An iceberg just after it flipped over (the part which is normally deep under water bumps up out of the sea and is not yet worn out by the weather) and shows its…

  • In front of the lion

    In front of the lion

    If you are a wildlife photographer, your experiences may vary from one place to another. But what would be your own reaction in the situation that Mattias Klum found himself into? He found a lioness who failed to see him at first, then walked so near that he could no longer focus on his long…

  • Travel photo: Be prepared or be guided

    A photo trip is probably a unique experience for most of us. So, you should not miss the event just because things did not go the way they should have. In most cases, you will never go back in this same photogenic location, at the same exciting time (it could be India and its colors,…