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  • B&W HDR video with a Sony A700

    B&W HDR video with a Sony A700

    I may not be a fanatic of the HDR (High Dynamic Range) images which are often exaggerating their effect. Here, Andrew Rees went much farther. He shot the city of Cardiff in Black and White, produced thousands of images to be assembled into HDR photos, then concatenated into a 12 frames per second video. The…

  • New HDRtist for HDR photos on Mac

    It’s been quite some time that I wanted to mention the existence of a powerful HDR tool that is available for Mac: HDRtist is free and seems quite able. Unfortunately, it comes from the family of HDR tools which prefer to produce unrealistic images, but it can be tweaked. The new version of HDRtist, v1.2,…

  • HDR Imaging applied to Paleontological specimen photography

    If you are interested in HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging, it may be fun to look at a scientific paper from Jessica M. Theodor and Robin S. Furr, in Palaeontologia Electronica. There, scientists interested in the best possible representation of paleontological specimens describe how to use HDR photography when taking scientific pictures. Source: Palaeontologia Electronica