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  • 50 years of Canon SLR cameras

    Since 1959, Canon has been manufacturing Signle Lens Reflex (SLR) photo cameras. The sotyr began with the Canon F. YouTube link

  • Not really photo: History of the telescope

    photo credit: anthonycmaki Sometimes, during Summer time, it’s fine to switch to low gear and to wander far from the normal path of things. So, if you like lenses (specially long focal length primes), you may be interested in looking at the dinosaur age of tele-lenses: The Telescope era, which started in 1611 (nearly 400…

  • Photo fakery in History

    Even before Photoshop was available, some photographers tried to improve their photos. Sometimes, it was to clean little blemishes, but it could go to quite significant upgrades: removing somebody form a group portrait (like with chairman Mao, below), putting a better body under the head of VIP, etc. Source: NY Times.

  • Pentax early history

    A long article is telling us the story of Pentax (or rather Asahi Pentax) with many an old photo camera that are so nice and fresh in the memory of photographers.