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Photo scammers: The naked truth

photo credit: Don Hankins It appears that -at least in some cases- many ads from Google (like the ones I display on my web sites) are presenting fraudulent business proposals. Usually they are recognizable by the fact that they makes too-good-to-be-true offers (half-price photo cameras or basement-sale prices for pro equipment). But it is not…

Aviary goes free

Aviary, one of the best online graphics edition software, just changed its pricing model. Instead of the subscriptions previously used, they went for a new price structure: 100% free. Supported by new financial partners, they offer their tools for free. Impressive free tool suite. The announcement on the Aviary blog.

5 best online backup tools

Following our previous article about online backup for the photographer’s files (which ended up with a recommendation of Mozy Backup), it could be noticed that Lifehacker published an article on a similar subject (but in more general terms) and recommends the following 5 tools: CrashPlan (Windows/Mac/Linux/Open Solaris, Basic [No online storage] Free, Premium [Unlimited] $4.50…

Trash your photos

Photofunia is a fun way to transform your photos in a way that is technically interesting. You will surprise your friends with dozens of cool (and free) effects. For example, I created this weirder than weird image of Michael Jackson (from the thumbnail shown below).