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New reviews listed

I just added a large quantity of camera reviews in all the SLR camera pages. About 15 of them, in all languages starting with English of course, but also in French and in Spanish. Most of them are for the Sony Alpha 55. Many reviewers have been attracted to this innovative photo camera.

Small programs for big ISO

Many French-speaking lovers of the Sony (ex-Minolta) photo cameras know about the excellent web site of Alpha Numérique which is providing a wealth of varied informations (often appearing in the link lists I publish monthly in relation with photo software programs). Eiffel Tower, by night – Copyright (C) Yves Roumazeilles Now, I would like to…

Web sites for lens reviews

It is often difficult to group lens reviews in order to compare/evaluate a little more than their mere physical characteristics (focal length, aperture/diaphragm, or even number of individual lenses). But how would you evaluate/review optical quality? When I see the really impressive differences between two lenses, I would be prepared to judge from their price,…