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Nikon D3200 videos

You wanted to see the new Nikon D3200 on your own photo-related TV channel. YLovePhoto answers to this dream with a few videos collected around the web for you. YouTube link YouTube link NAB 2012: Nikon D3200 Announcement and Alphatron EVF with Retina Display from FreshDV on Vimeo. YouTube link YouTube link YouTube link YouTube…

Manufacturing film and cards

In only a few years, we went from analog silver-based film to the Flash memory card. Let’s have some little fun comparing both manufacturing processes, thanks to Kodak, then Lexar. The world is moving. YouTube link YouTube link YouTube link Film or cards; Kodak or Lexar; Years apart, but the same attention to production quality.

Time-lapse videos of North American cities at night

Photographed between late 2010 and early 2011, Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Manhattan, and Chicago have been captured by photographer Dominic Boudreault using a Canon 5D Mark II at night. Timelapse – The City Limits from Dominic http://www.dominicboudreault.com/ Mindrelic (another guy from RedBubble) spent a weekin Manhattan shooting time lapses of the city day and night.…

Vibrations of the photo camera

Today, technology allows us to minimize camera vibrations (through sensor displacement or lens optical element moves, depending on the brand you use). But there is nothing better than avoid vibrations from the beginning. Camera Technica did a thorough comparative test observing directly the vibration induced by various shutter triggers: Normal: Shutter pressed by the photographer’s…

Vidéos du Nikon D5100

Fragments from Nikon France on Vimeo. A man lives a uneventful life until one day he begins receiving pieces of paper in his mail… Shot with the Nikon D5100 A film by CHIVTEAM directed by Simon Bonneau and Charles-Edouard Dangelser. YouTube link YouTube link