Nikon D3x, the features

The UK Nikon Pro magazine [1] just disclosed the feature set of the Nikon D3x:

  • 35mm Full Frame FX sensor
  • 24.5 MP sensor
  • 16-bit processing (Expeed)
  • Sensitivity: 100-1600 ISO (ext. 50-6400 ISO)
  • Continuous shooting at 5 fps
  • Autofocus: 51-point MultiCAM3500FX
  • Scene recognition system, 1005-RGB pixel sensor
  • New Extra High Active D-Lighting setting for overly constrasted scenes
  • Alternative crop modes: 5:4 and DX (with continuous shooting of 10MP images at 7 fps)
  • LiveView mode
  • 3″ LCD screen (920,000 pixels)
  • Weather-resistant / Magnesium body
  • USB 2.0, and WiFi with WT-4 extension
  • HDMI, AV/Out output connections
  • Memory slots: double Compact Flash, simultaneous writing
  • Battery: EN-EL4a (as on the Nikon D3)
  • Weight unknown

(as described in our data sheet).

Interestingly, there are some notable things missing:

  • No dust cleaning on the sensor
  • No video mode (useless for pros?)
  • Nothing is said of the exact origin of the sensor (Sony or not)