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  • Summary-Analysis of Nikon rumors

    While Summer heat (in the Northern hemisphere) starts to have a heavy influence on our dreams of holidays and on our ability to think clearly, we are more and more to wonder what Nikon is preparing us: The launch of the Nikon D7000 is now far in the past in mid-2010, the entry-level range is…

  • Instant rebate on Nikon lenses at B&H

    Instant rebate on Nikon lenses at B&H

    70-300mm VR Lens & 18-55mm Bundled with the D-5000 ($250 Instant Rebate) 18-200mm VR Bundled with the D-90 ($300 Instant Rebate) 24-70 f/2.8G ED mm & 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II Bundled with D-300S or D-700 ($700 Instant Rebate) This offer ends 11/20/2010: Hurry up! And all the other rebates at B&H.

  • Photokina: Expectations for Nikon

    As for all of photography brands, the upcoming Photokina fair in Köln (Germany) will be a major meeting point with the after-crisis market. Not only because of the launches that will be done there, but also because the photographers expectations have been piling up tidily (maybe be too high?). Let’s see what is really to…

  • More reviews for the FF cameras

    I am quite impressed, I keep receiving more and more reviews for the Full Frame SLR cameras of this winter. It seems that the interest is very high. Currently: Nikon D3x: 15 reviews Canon EOS 5D Mk II: 21 reviews Sony Alpha 900: 21 reviews Nikon D700: 16 reviews A lot of reading for those…

  • The best SLR

    According to DXO-labs and their DXOmark ranking of the quality of digital sensors, the Nikon D3x is now officially the best digital camera available in the world.

  • Full Frame SLR comparisons

    With the arrival of all these new digital photo cameras with a large sensor (Full Frame) in 2008, like the Sony Alpha 900 or the Canon EOS 5D MkII, it became difficult to find your own path. The more because their main advantage of these is photo cameras is to offer images of ultra-high quality…

  • Nikon D3x vs Sony Alpha 900 (ISO 50-ISO 6400)

    Master Chong presents a direct comparison of these two recent cameras, with 100% cropped images. dPhotoExpert makes something similar, but much simpler, with a single comparison at 1600 ISO. Unfortunately, there is no information about which software/firmware version is used (I expect that the results may change with future upgrades).

  • New camera tests

    As you already know, I list the tests and reviews of recent photo cameras in the database that I use to describe them (in the menu on the left). These last days, this is a deluge of new reviews that we received and listed for: Nikon D3x Canon EOS 5D MkII Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1

  • D3x Hitler last-day video

    OK, it’s a bit silly, but it’s all the rage on the Internet today. What a surprise for a pro dSLR camera. YouTube linkYouTube link2 (it may work better in France or Germany despite YT silly censorship)