New look for YLovePhoto

Here it is! I shifted into high gear in terms of user interface and web site look. After the first few months of operation, it became more and more important to make the site really very usable and as comfortable as possible. A few days of calm allowed me to develop and test a new design that I invite you to visit with me.

In order to help you, I even decided to provide a guided tour to give you some more data. You will not have to wander around looking for things. Isn’t it nice?

Explore the new site look and its prominent features described below

Explore the new site look and its prominent features described below

  1. A completely new design chart with sober colors in order to avoid readers perturbation. Some readers may have noticed the progressive appearance of some of its elements in the recent days.
  2. Choose the edition you prefer in your own language (English or French).
  3. Use the search engine on the YLovePhoto web site as well as on the whole world wide web.
  4. The navigation bar guides you toward the most important sections of the web site.
  5. Highlighted topics are those that attract the most visitors currently.
  6. An extensive database of digital Single Lens Reflex (dSLR) cameras with their feature set, their strong points (Up) andweak ones (Down) and the best analysis you can find about them on the web.
  7. Subscribe to a news RSS thread in order to never miss an important announcement in the future.
  8. Find the news organized according to their topic to reach for your critical issues.

Even if it is not really part of the new interface, I wanted to draw your attention to the week’s portfolio. Up to now, this may have been less obvious, but I decided to make it an integral part of the web site. I want to present each Tuesday a new photo artist (not necessarily a pro) whose work has some astonishing ring. A prominent place for a prominent photographer. If you want to point me to somebody whose work pleases you, feel free to leave me a note.

Now, it’s time for you to visit and comment back if you find something that is not working as well as you could expect.