SLR technologies for 2009

The year 2009 is about to begin and here we are asking ourselves what it will be bringing for digital SLR cameras. As a matter of fact, it is possible to predict a few central issues in our prefered manufacturer’s ranges. Here is the list:

  • In-body correction of vignetting. After all, it is enough to create a specialized image treatment algorithm. With the computing power now embedded, 2009 should see its generalization.
  • Video for everybody. All the modern sensors are (are will soon be) able to accept continuous operation needed for video capture (and LiveView). In 2009, photo cameras without a video mode will look aged.
  • Video with autofocus. Yes! Today, you either have video or AF, but not both at the same time. Some more work from the engineers and the camera manufacturers will show the first cameras able to update the focus while filming.
  • The development micro 4/3 format will attract attention on the possibility of fully electronic viewfinders. This will be the end of the prismatic optical viewfinder, the arrival of smaller cameras, but it will bring a significant degradation of lisibilty and the impossibility to really evaluate focus.

So, 2009 will be either a marvellously technological year for digital SLR cameras, or the beginning of the end of what we usually call a Single Lens Reflex camera (a technological shift). In any case, a very interesting year. I wish you a happy new year.