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Manufacturing film and cards

In only a few years, we went from analog silver-based film to the Flash memory card. Let’s have some little fun comparing both manufacturing processes, thanks to Kodak, then Lexar. The world is moving. YouTube link YouTube link YouTube link Film or cards; Kodak or Lexar; Years apart, but the same attention to production quality.

Will the Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) save the photo world?

With the first expert photo cameras from Sony equipped with electronic viewfinders, the question is more and more often asked whether this is a technological opportunity that the old photo pricks prefer to ignore or an approximate solution aimed only at low-demand customers. As a matter of fact, truth lies somewhere in between those two…

Sony Alpha 99

All Sony SLR with semi-transparent mirrors obtained an extraordinarily bold statement from Sony: All future Sony SLR cameras will be using the semi-transparent mirror technology (so, very probably with Electronic View Finders) and this applies to: All APS-C SLR cameras All Full Frame SLR cameras Gee! This is going to influence the future of the Sony Alpha line. In a…