Chinese Nikon D400

The Nikon D400 made a sensational appearance on a Chinese web site. There, we find a description of the feature set. Despite the translation difficulties there are a few interesting items (that is, if they are real data):

Nikon D400

Nikon D400

  • Sensor: 24.4 MP CMOS
  • Rear LCD screen: Touchscreen
  • Exposure adjust by 1/3 or 1/2 or 1EV
  • Sensitivity: ISO 200-3200
  • Memory slots: Compact Flash AND SD card
  • Image formats: Raw, JPG and TIFF
  • Data interface: USB 2.0

Even if this is a very partial description, it contains enough surprises to be worth mentionning. The presence of a touch-screen would really be a superb improvement (already seen on compact Point-and-Shot cameras but never before on SLRs). The arrival of SD cards on this range of SLR cameras cannot be a complete surprise knowing the trend already clear for smaller cameras. However, having a TIFF file format available is a major surprise that could lead to a big redefinition of what is used for picture output. Depending on how it is used, it could be a move to a standardized RAW format (instead of DNG) or a weird addition.

Additional note: The arrival of a dual slot memory support is well supported by the observation of the Nikon D700 body. You can easily notice that the body already has a space free for such a dual slot possibility.

Anyway, we will have to understand if this is reality or a publicity scam from a Chinese web site (in which case it works well. Everybody interested in the Nikon D400 is reading this).

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