Develop RAW files on Linux

If you are a digital photographer and you are using Linux, there are some things that seem more difficult than if you are using Apple MacOsX or Microsoft Windows. For example, there is nothing obviously available to work on RAW files (not only JPEG pictures).

The solution? GTKRawGallery is an open source photo manager and camera RAW files processor written in Python for Linux O.S. It is providing all the basic features of an Adobe Camera Raw, and then some. Actually, it is really a image file viewer (like Adobe Bridge) integrating the RAW management/development ability. Unusually well-balanced and totally recommended for all Linux-based photographers (I should also think that it would be a good solution for those whishing to use an ultra-portable notebook running under Linux OS, but I did not try this by myself).

gtk_raw_gallery_1 gtk_raw_gallery_2