Nikon rumour: Nikon D5000 at PMA09

The nearly-arrived new entry-level SLR camera from Nikon would not be named Nikon D65, but Nikon D5000. This is what seems to become the common consensus. It would be a strong contender with:

  • 12.3 MP (possibly the same sensor that comes with the Nikon D300 and Alpha 700, in its simplified version)
  • No built-in AF motor
  • A new built-in flash
  • A tilt-and-swivel type of LCD screen (possibly the feature that everybody will be showing this year)
  • Video mode(s)
  • LiveView

Along with it, people expect to see the Nikon D400 that we discussed several times here on YLovePhoto.

And a price list from Nikon Japan shows the existence (soon to be official) of a possibly great new lens: AI AF Zoom-Nikkor ED 80-200mm f/2.8D. Nice!