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  • Instant rebate on Nikon lenses at B&H

    Instant rebate on Nikon lenses at B&H

    70-300mm VR Lens & 18-55mm Bundled with the D-5000 ($250 Instant Rebate) 18-200mm VR Bundled with the D-90 ($300 Instant Rebate) 24-70 f/2.8G ED mm & 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II Bundled with D-300S or D-700 ($700 Instant Rebate) This offer ends 11/20/2010: Hurry up! And all the other rebates at B&H.

  • Three SLR compared

    AlphaMountWorld just produced a very interesting comparative review of three of the most attractive digital SLR photo cameras now on the market: Sony Alpha A500 Nikon D5000 Canon EOS 500D ou Rebel T1i Of course, this test is listed in the list of comparisons/reviews attached to the feature page of each of these cameras (follow…

  • Nikon second D5000 recall

    Nikon is giving some explanations about what appears to be a second recall of Nikon D5000 cameras. First, if you checked the serial number of your D5000 camera with the Nikon online tool, it is necessary to check again. Nikon added some more cameras (the initial list was too limited, more cameras are involved). Second,…

  • Nikon D5000, the bad numbers

    In order to complete our previous information about the recall of some Nikon D5000 for an issue of startup lock-down, I want to share with you the data from Nikon Watch. They had the patience to verify full sets of serial numbers to try and find quickly the bad apples (bad serial numbers in need…

  • Nikon D5000: more information

    We previously learned that some Nikon D5000 were suffering from an unpleasant issue of not start when switched on, even with a fully charged battery. Nikon now has more details to provide. According to Nikon France, there are only a dozen cases in France (most of the bodies already sold are fully immune). It is…

  • Nikon D5000: Advisory notice

    Some Nikon D5000 have a serious issue with energy management that may render the camera unusable even if the battery if fully charged. We will soon now what serial numbers are involved. Notice to users of the Nikon D5000 Digital SLR Camera

  • Download the Nikon D5000 manual

    The Nikon D5000 is the new entry-lelve SLR photo camera from Nikon. But they don’t want to make it easy for you to find its user manual in a downloadable electronic format. So, I got the D5000 User Manual (PDF document) available for download. The French version is also available.

  • Sony video SLR cameras

    It is now very obvious for everybody that the SLR cameras from Sony do not participate to the general move in direction of the integration of video capture. We thought so, but it has now been confirmed by the senior general manager AMC division of Sony’s Digital Imaging Business group, Toru Katsumoto: The inclusion of…

  • The nice Nikon D5000 display

    Have a look at the LCD screen of a Nikon D5000. The Nikon engineers obviously are working at making it look good (much better than the competition). And you can upload a background image, too.