Nikon SLR with a tilt LCD

One participant to the forums of Somethingawful otained a full collection of pictures taken in Croatia during the shooting of a commercial where we can see a guy handling an SLR camera. On some images, it is possible to notice that it’s a Nikon and that it has a tilt-and swivel LCD display.

Tiltable LCD?
Tiltable LCD?

If the photos are usually quite clean and do not look like “discreetly stolen”, it is difficult to say if this is an accidental leak, an organised leak or a sophisticated hoax.

Or, was it the shooting of a commercial film for the upocming Nikon D400, Nikon D5000 or Nikon D65 (or anything else)?

Beware: I only provide the more interesting picture. The others are provide more information about the actor than about the camera.



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