Three new Sony Alpha cameras

We learned about the arrival of the new Sony Alpha 230, Sony Alpha 330, Sony Alpha 380 SLR photo cameras by a leak from Sony web sites. Obviously, Sony is ready to announce them and is actively leaking information, since the Sony Style web sites are now showing pictures of the new cameras (in the page headers).




In these, it is possible to recognize the new Sony Alpha 230, Sony Alpha 330, Sony Alpha 380. And everybody is seeing that they will be replacing the older Alpha 200, 300 and 350 (in this order).

The most obvious change is the form of the body grip. I am not sure this will be an improvement (for user confort, I tend to go for the ergonomic shape, rather than this rough-cut shape).

No spec or feature list yet. Pixels may go up (Sony likes pixel counts more than Nikon), video is expected since this is the year of the video on SLR cameras, a tilt-and-swivel LCD screen would be welcome (the Sony Alpha 350 was showing the lead for SLR cameras), but we will have to wait for it. Specifically, people say that the announcement should be done early next week, but the press seems to be tight-lipped. So, I would suppose that Sony got plenty of people under NDA before this. It would suggest that the launch will be tracked by a zillion journalists. 3 photo cameras on the same day would probably be worth such a fanfare.