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  • Download the Sony A77II documents

    Download the Sony A77II documents

    Some of the Sony Alpha 77II documents are available to download: International User manual for Sony A77II Sony A77II brochure in English Sony A77II User Manual in English

  • Sony A6000 user manual

    Sony A6000 user manual

    Sony is not as paranoid as others about hiding there confidential instruction manuals, but it is often quite difficult to get them because they are not simply not published anywhere. This is why YLovePhoto found for you the Sony A6000 ones. A6000 User manual Manuel utilisateur Sony Alpha 6000 : indisponible pour le moment Take…

  • A77 successor – When?

    The Sony Alpha 77 (or A77) has now more than 2 years of age on the market. It was a very significant step forward for Sony with the arrival of a semi-transparent mirror, of a good-quality Electronic View Finder (EVF) and of speed performance putting it a world of itself for its price (sensor resolution…

  • Light leaks on Sony A7 and A7r

    Light leaks on Sony A7 and A7r

    The small hybrid cameras with interchangeable lenses from Sony, the Sony A7 and A7r know quite a (expected) success but the manufactured just recognized a fairly big fail: a A light leakage is possible between the body and the lens at the lens attachement. Not good…. The lens mount lets some light leak into the…

  • Alpha 77 & Alpha 65 – Firmware v1.05 released

    Alpha 77 & Alpha 65 – Firmware v1.05 released

    Sony has just published a new updated firmware for its α77 and α65 SLT cameras. This version 1.05 adds the following important features: Improved response times (no more “processing” message while waiting for display of pictures, faster power-off, faster dial response times) Shading and aberration compensation now available on the following lenses: SAL-24F20Z (Carl Zeiss)…

  • New Sony Alpha: 65 + 55 = 57

    When Sony wants to replace a digital photo camera like the Sony Alpha 55, they may want to re-design everything from the ground up ou they can collect all the best from various (recent) sources and create a significant progress. That is the later that the Sony engineers chose when designing the all new Sony…

  • Sony Alpha 77 – Torn down to parts

    Sony Alpha 77 – Torn down to parts

    The analysis is interesting, but it’s nice to see all bits and elements of the camera. YouTube link

  • 13000€ for the big grey Sony 500mm

    Sony announced it suggested retail price for its upcoming 500mm f/4 (which has been eagerly expected for years, which was seen in nearly all international photo fairs under various model guises): 13000 euros. This is not for everybody. This is heavy in all senses of the word. Availability of the Sony 500 mm f/4 G…

  • Sony A65 / A77: The differences in pictures

    If you were wondering what the real differences are between the new Sony Alpha D-SLR semi-transparent mirror cameras (the Sony SLT-A65 and Sony SLT-A77), here is a summary made in pictures. It may help better understand the differences justifying the very large price gap between the two models (for the same digital sensor). Pictures coming…