13 photography lessons for your child

Thanks to Digital Photography School. They have marvelously varied and nice lessons for the amateur photographer. Today, I noticed a rather old post on their site which is a compendium of the best, most important lessons to teach somebody starting photography (aged from 7 to 77 years).

13 Lessons to Teach Your Child About Digital Photography

  1. Experiment
  2. Check your Backgrounds
  3. Hold the Camera Straight
  4. How to Hold a Camera
  5. Get in Close
  6. Take Lots of Photos
  7. Getting the Balance Right Between Photographing People, ‘Things’ and Places
  8. Find a Point of Interest
  9. Rule of Thirds
  10. Review Your Children’s Images with Them
  11. Focal Lock
  12. Different Modes for Different Situations
  13. Exposure Settings

All these are pointing to some more articles in DPS web site. But merely checking the photo examples on the page is already interesting.