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  • Some more waves

    Some more waves

    In a previous post here, I presented the wave photography done by Warren Keelan and Rachael Talibart. Since this is still a very attractive subject, and while I found some more aboutit, I want to share a couple of links with you. The Art of Waves: A Lifetime of Awe-Inspiring Surf Photographs talks about the…

  • Waves!


    Sometimes, I see a few photos that are really astonishing. Today, I would like to share the work of two photographers who have impressed me with subjects which may appear easy: Waves. However, both of them did a great job of showing them in ways that make them shine. Warren Keelan You should visit his website, Instagram, Facebook, 500px,…

  • Improve your photographic skills with a photo challenge

    Improve your photographic skills with a photo challenge

    One little idea to progress in our mastering of the photographic technique: Take a photo challenge like “52 photos in 52 weeks”. There are many of them, but I looked at one of the most famous ones: The Dogwood 52 Week Photography Challenge. Major advantage: It does not concentrate on the technical side of photographic…

  • Extreme wildlife telephoto

    Extreme wildlife telephoto

    Telephoto tip: If you add enough converters and extenders, you don’t actually need a fancy lens. The original appeared on (a web site perfectly suited to geeks, photographers or not).

  • No more lost memory cards (Tip)

    No more lost memory cards (Tip)

    My personal prophylactics in order to avoid loosing memory cards and photos on memory cards: Always format the memory card in-camera (formatting on a computer may not be right for your camera, same thing about formatting on another camera) Always wait 3 seconds before ejecting the memroy card (or check the red LED flashing on…

  • RAW or JPEG?

    RAW or JPEG?

    It seems that this question will always be there to haunt photographers (enthiusiasts and pros as well as mere amateurs). You should believe that the answer is complicated and prone to errors. Or that the issues are so thorny that nobody can answer. Again this month, I walked by a pro photographer on a mission…

  • Autofocusing guides

    Autofocusing guides

    What could be more frustrating that holding a DLSR camera worth thousands of bucks and not being able to focus on the subject in front of you? So, I collected a few excellent guides or tutorials which provide good summaries (I think) of the possibilities of these cameras when it comes to autofocus or AF.…

  • Photograph Northern Lights

    Photograph Northern Lights

    It appears that 2015 and 2016 are the stage for maximum solar activity leading to a peak in number and intensity of polar auroras, these marvellous light exhibits that Nature displays in the night sky under high latitudes. If you travel to Canada, Scandinavia or Russia this Winter (long nights!), you may be tempted to…

  • Best tips to shoot in Winter

    Best tips to shoot in Winter

    Cold weather is coming back real quick now, but this is no reason to stop shooting photos. I’d rather go under the hot sun of Africa, but Winter lights and the low light of high latitudes (Arctic, Antarctica or even Scandinavia) allow so lovely pictures that I would prefer taking some more photos. But cold…