Carlan Tapp and the TVA disaster

Photography is not only a graphical art, this is alo sa mean to speak about the world, about men and women. And, sometimes, it becomes a mean of action. In our world where Earth is suffering from the acts of a few people, Carlan Tapp uses his photo camera to speak about the pollution created by a coal plant burning in Kingston, Tennesse (USA) and produces actual mountains of ash. Told like that, it would nearly seem innocuous was it not for the continuous accumulation of ashes (to the point that near houses have been destroyed) and for the astounding concentration of huge quantities of pollutants and toxic by-products pouring down into nearby rivers: Clinch, Emory, Tennessee.

Carlan Tapp photos ask: “What about Clean Coal?”

Copyright (C) 2009 Carlan Tapp
Copyright (C) 2009 Carlan Tapp

There is a full photo documentary on the TVA disaster in Tennessee.

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