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  • Some more waves

    Some more waves

    In a previous post here, I presented the wave photography done by Warren Keelan and Rachael Talibart. Since this is still a very attractive subject, and while I found some more aboutit, I want to share a couple of links with you. The Art of Waves: A Lifetime of Awe-Inspiring Surf Photographs talks about the…

  • Iberian lynx – Photos

    Iberian lynx – Photos

    encontrer dans l’hémisphère nord. L’une de ses sous-espèces les plus menacées est le lynx ibérique dont le nom rappelle qu’il ne se rencontre qu’en Espagne et au Portugal. Très menacé et très protégé, il est parfois possible de le trouver en images (le photographe a intérêt à se montrer discret et patient). Par exemple, il…

  • Waves!


    Sometimes, I see a few photos that are really astonishing. Today, I would like to share the work of two photographers who have impressed me with subjects which may appear easy: Waves. However, both of them did a great job of showing them in ways that make them shine. Warren Keelan You should visit his website, Instagram, Facebook, 500px,…

  • Vincent Munier fears no snow

    Vincent Munier fears no snow

    Wildlife photographer Vincent Munier short documentary film, titled “Arctique” is a way to discover how his great pictures are taken, inorder to display the great beauty of the arctic.

  • Iceberg – Upside down

    Iceberg – Upside down

    Some photos are somewhat more difficult to biuld than others. Alex Cornell succeeded in combining all that is needed: An unusual subject: An iceberg just after it flipped over (the part which is normally deep under water bumps up out of the sea and is not yet worn out by the weather) and shows its…

  • 9/11 seen from space

    9/11 seen from space

    A few hours after the collapse of the Twin Towers, the Landsat 7 satellite photographed New York City keeping a different view of the dramatic scene.

  • The first Presidents of the United States of America

    The first Presidents of the United States of America

    George Washington lived much before the invention of photography and his face is only known through paintings. However, John Quincy Adams was photographed by Philip Haas, a few years after he left office. Andrew Jackson was next and his picture was taken several times including the following daguerreotype, of 1845, a few months before his…

  • WWII in pictures – 20 chapters

    WWII in pictures – 20 chapters

    The excellent photo gallery named InFocus, organized by Alan Taylor for The Atlantic has a very thorough set of pictures taken from World War II. While we may have forgotten what photographers had to go through in order to bring pictures back from the war, we should not forget their sacrifice and the sacrifice of…

  • In front of the lion

    In front of the lion

    If you are a wildlife photographer, your experiences may vary from one place to another. But what would be your own reaction in the situation that Mattias Klum found himself into? He found a lioness who failed to see him at first, then walked so near that he could no longer focus on his long…