Nikon D300s – Images

Again, here are images of the Nikon D300s.

nikon_d300s_1 nikon_d300s_2
nikon_d300s_3 nikon_d300s_4

for me, what looks really interesting is that the picture quality allows to evaluate what this is in a pretty precise manner.

According to me, following my own pro experience in developing products for the largest public market, there are a few signs that will not lie: These images are authentic. On the opposite, it is quite possible that this is not a functional model. I would tend to believe that this is a finished mechanical model built to evaluate the assembly result of mechanical parts. Everybody can judge that the work is quite advanced even if the surface finish of the mold for injected plastic parts is still to be perfected (the surface appearance is not as homogeneous as you could wish on a finshed product even if the grain is nearly final and part-to-part adjustments are nearly perfect -see the flash cover).

Contrary to previous pictures which showed quick and dirty work on the mold of the frontal part (specifically, aroudn the holes for the audio microhpone jsut under the D300s marking), we are in the final stage. Unfortunately, it is impossible to ttell if these images have been shot recently or not. Supposedly, this happened only a few days ago (just before being leaked on the Internet), we can assume that Nikon only has a few weeks of work before getting a mechanical body fully ready for mass production. This would lead to an imminent launch, probably at the end of August to catch the attention of photographers just out of Summer vacations.

We will soon see a Nikon D300s.

Source: NR