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Summary-Analysis of Nikon rumors

While Summer heat (in the Northern hemisphere) starts to have a heavy influence on our dreams of holidays and on our ability to think clearly, we are more and more to wonder what Nikon is preparing us: The launch of the Nikon D7000 is now far in the past in mid-2010, the entry-level range is…

Nikon D300s, yet another photo

Thanks to NR, the Nikon distributor who leaked the information by bringing an unofficial Nikon D300s to the event and the readers that were present at the now-famous NPC meeting (in Manilla, Philippines) we are now having a full collection of pictures of the upcoming Nikon D300s.

Nikon D300s – Images

Again, here are images of the Nikon D300s. for me, what looks really interesting is that the picture quality allows to evaluate what this is in a pretty precise manner. According to me, following my own pro experience in developing products for the largest public market, there are a few signs that will not lie:…