Daria Endresen

Daria Endresen, from Norway, gives us nude photographs (she is her own model) that include a fantasy dimension that is most unusual. They speak about solitude and suffering, but not sadness.

Copyright (C) Daria Endresen

Copyright (C) Daria Endresen

To have and not to hold
So hot, yet so cold
My heart is in your hand
And yet you never stand
Close enough for me to have my way

To love but not to keep
To laugh, not to weep
Your eyes, they go right through
And yet you never do
Anything to make me want to stay

Like a moth to a flame
Only I am to blame

What can I do?
I go straight to you
I’ve been told
You’re to have, not to hold

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Nota bene: This may be considered as Not Safe for Work (NSFW) because of some nude pictures (even artsy ones like those) may shock some of your colleagues or the filter of your company’s firewall.