Nikon second D5000 recall

Nikon is giving some explanations about what appears to be a second recall of Nikon D5000 cameras.

First, if you checked the serial number of your D5000 camera with the Nikon online tool, it is necessary to check again. Nikon added some more cameras (the initial list was too limited, more cameras are involved).

Second, it seems that there is a failing electronic component in the power supply part of the SLR photo camera. So, they developed an enhanced preventative maintenance procedure, meaning that some of the people who already sent their camera back may have to do it again (apparently those needing to come back to the repair shop are being contacted directly).

Remember to check your camera serial number.

Complements after talking to Nikon France: Some cameras were not sufficiently protected by the initial repair and need to receive an additional protection to fully avoid the switch-on issue. Nikon directly calls the people who need it; as usual this is a 100% free service and the customer does not have to pay anything for this.

In terms of quantities, French Nikon users are relatively protected: only 20 potentially-failing Nikon D5000 cases are listed in France.

And, even more important, since August 15, all the Nikon D5000 sold in France are fully exempt from the little issue we are discussing here.